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The founder partners of Eudendron are well experienced in Drug Discovery with a focus on Drug Design, Medicinal Chemistry and Computational Chemistry. The technical/scientific and managerial competences of the Eudendron Team are demonstrated by more than 40 scientific publications on international journals and 20 national patents – subsequently extended to other countries (e.g. USA, Canada, Japan, Europe) – produced by the founder partners.

Mauro Angiolini
Managing Director

Mauro Angiolini received in 1995 a Laurea degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry in 1998, working under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Scolastico at the Universita degli Studi, Milano, Italy. He joined Pharmacia & Upjohn in Nerviano (later Nerviano Medical Sciences) where he has been involved in many projects related to the discovery of new drugs in the oncology therapeutic area, with considerable focus on kinases inhibitors. In 2000 he spent one year as postdoctoral fellow in Prof. S. Hanessian group at Universite de Montreal, Canada, focusing on application of the ring closing metathesis reaction. 

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