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Redesigning Kinase Drug Discovery

  • a solution to drug resistance: activity against mutated kinases


  • the possibility to optimize the kinase drug discovery process by developing highly engineered lead-like molecules without the need to deploy large screening or medicinal chemistry resources hence reducing costs and time


  • Modulation of selectivity profile across large kinase panel


  • Potency with low MW 


  • Favourable predicted ADME/PK and pre-clinical developability


  • Novel IP

Eudendron molecular designs provide:


Eudendron is committed to provide solutions to the compelling need of clinically safer and more effective Kinase inhibitors by developing, up to advanced pre-clinical stage, compounds characterised by a favourable selectivity profile and effective against those drug resistance mutations arisen from already marketed Kinase inhibitors.

Eudendron’s new generation of Kinase inhibitors are the result of our innovative drug process which encloses cutting edge molecular designs and state of the art in silico validation technology coupled to a Kinome-wide strategy, revealing at a very early stage the full spectrum of Kinase targets associated to the newly identified novel Chemical Classes.


A major strategic advantage offered by this strategy is that novel lead-like molecules can be generated without the need of expensive and resource intensive preparation and screening of large compound collections.

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